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Information on this Internet site is provided as is. Green Trade Company SA de CV (GreenTrade) makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of this information. Neither GreenTrade nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates shall be liable for any damages arising out of access to or use of any information / data on this site, or any site linked to this site.
GreenTrade and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates shall never be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of software, documents, provision of or failure to provide services, or information available from this site. All intellectual and other property rights in the information contained in this site are owned by GreenTrade.
At GreenTrade, we take your privacy seriously. We follow a strict data protection policy designed to safeguard your privacy because we know that you rely on us to act responsibly with the personal information you disclose to us. You can visit our website at any time and view non-secure areas without disclosing any personal information. In these cases, the only information we store is the IP address your computer sends us plus related information. Read on to find out more about our privacy policy.

What sorts of information does GreenTrade collect? How does it use this information?

In some cases we will ask you to voluntarily disclose personal information. Usually, this happens when you request information relating to our company. If you instruct us not to use your personal information for the purpose of contacting you, we will respect your wishes and remove your details from our filing system (this is your right of objection). You can exercise your right of objection by email to the e-mail address below.
GreenTrade is committed to the continuous improvement of its website content and functionality. We therefore collect data on your behavior and website usage in order to improve the design and layout of our website and provide you with a more optimized browsing experience. In some cases we also perform statistical analysis of anonymous, aggregated data to determine general user characteristics and behavior patterns. This helps us optimize the quality of our website and online services.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are files that web servers send to your browser or create on your PC.
GreenTrade uses session cookies to facilitate fast, secure communication while you are on our website. If you prevent us from sending session cookies to you, you may be refused access to our website or be prevented from accessing certain pages or services. The session cookies we send are automatically deleted when you close your browser.
GreenTrade uses permanent cookies to enable our systems to identify your browser in order to offer services like your personal Online Business start page. These permanent cookies are saved on your computer and are not automatically deleted. We therefore recommend to completely logging off if you share a computer with other users and allow cookies.
The Help functions of most web browsers explain how to setup your browser to accept or refuse cookies and how to delete existing cookies.
Our website may contain links to third-party web pages that use cookie technology. Obviously, we have no access to or control over these third-party cookies.
Does GreenTrade pass the information it collects on to third parties?
In certain circumstances, GreenTrade stores personal information. Because GreenTrade is part of a global group of affiliated companies, it sometimes passes on the data it collects to other members of the group at various locations around the world.

Our e-mail policy

If you disclose your contact details to us, we may contact you via email if this is necessary for our customer services or in order to provide you with information that you have requested.

Your consent

By using our website, you give your permission for GreenTrade to collect and use the information described above.
Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be published on this web page. This page will always contain up-to-date information on the data we collect, the ways in which we use this data, and the circumstances under which we pass the data on to third parties.
Please be aware that if you access our website from within the European Union, any personal data you disclose can be used for the above-described purposes outside the European Union as well as inside it. By using this website and disclosing to us your personal information, you give your permission for your personal information to be transmitted in this way.


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